A piglet wandered down a path

Bumped into a cow and both of them laughed

They chatted away as only animals do

Piglet said ‘OINK’ and the Cow went ‘MOO’

Piglet and Cow lolloped along

Occasionally bursting into song

Then a flutter of wings and in an Owl flew


The UK Gambling Commission’s consultation on promoting to ‘High Value Customers’ will put more player protection legislation in place, but is the carrot more effective than the stick when it comes to helping ‘at risk’ gamblers?

The gambling industry’s a little like Millwall Football Club.

“No one likes us. We…

Heavyweight brands including Nike, Ben & Jerry’s and L’Oreal have tried to flair their woke credentials when actions would have spoken louder than words

Brands that try and attach themselves and their values onto contentious issues such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement are teetering on a well-trodden and highly perilous path.

Harry Lang

I'm a UK based Marketing Director specialising in brand, customer acquisition, PR and copy. I write regular features for Marketing Week and Campaign.

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