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“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” Aldous Huxley

As I sit with my daughter at 5am on a morose Covid Monday, time moves ever so slowly.

Switch to the start of the working day. A short commute up the stairs, second coffee in hand and open the calendar. Suddenly it’s half one, time to cobble together a toastie before BOOM! Six PM. There’s simply no consistency, measure nor reason. Time is slipping by like an eel in a lubricant factory.

Lockdown in midwinter is…

Covid gave some brands the chance to spread their creative wings — whilst others flew too close to the sun. Now we’re on the precipice of Christmas ad season — how bad could it get?

If there was one reliable constant in marketing through the past few months — one single device that would summarise the difficulties we’ve all faced and workarounds we’ve become used to — it’s the Zoom-based TV ad.

As use of the platform exploded between colleagues, families and friends, brands and their agencies adopted it as a practical and tonally appropriate creative medium with ads being…

Covid19 has been the mother of invention for those wanting to shift their marketing careers — or themselves.

Human beings are quite adaptable. We have opposable thumbs, we can communicate in multiple dialects, we worked out complex cognition and we’ve reached the top of our food chain with room to spare. However, in the biological Champions League of Resilience, we must bow down and worship at the eight knobbly feet of the humble Tardigrade, also known as ‘the water bear’.

From the heights of Everest to the Marianas Trench, these cuddly little suckers can be found lurking, getting on with…

A piglet wandered down a path

Bumped into a cow and both of them laughed

They chatted away as only animals do

Piglet said ‘OINK’ and the Cow went ‘MOO’

Piglet and Cow lolloped along

Occasionally bursting into song

Then a flutter of wings and in an Owl flew

“Good day” said he — in his words, ‘TWIT TWOO’

The three of them ambled into the woods

Owl was flying — piglet would if he could

Cow took the lead as the biggest one there

But then came a BELLOW as he trod on a Bear

Then there were four…

The UK Gambling Commission’s consultation on promoting to ‘High Value Customers’ will put more player protection legislation in place, but is the carrot more effective than the stick when it comes to helping ‘at risk’ gamblers?

The gambling industry’s a little like Millwall Football Club.

“No one likes us. We don’t care!” rang their infamous terrace chant from the late 70’s onwards. Despite their atrocious choice in backing tunes (Rod Stewart’s ‘We Are Sailing’…) the Millwall fans were unusually astute in their self-awareness.

As in football, so in sports betting, casino, bingo, poker and any other betting variant; those who…

Heavyweight brands including Nike, Ben & Jerry’s and L’Oreal have tried to flair their woke credentials when actions would have spoken louder than words

Brands that try and attach themselves and their values onto contentious issues such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement are teetering on a well-trodden and highly perilous path.

It was back in 2017 in the wake of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that black model Munroe Bergdorf took her stand, calling out white privilege, racial violence and institutional racism. …

How Coronavirus has exposed more than our lack of freedom

Dealing with rejection, loss and disappointment is a learnable skill. A talent that can be honed with experience — the more painful and intense, the better. More let downs derive better coping mechanisms, so by the time we reach adulthood we should, in theory, have thick enough skin to absorb all but the most tragic of events without stepping more than a couple of paces outside the lanes of life’s motorway.

Picture Credit — The Telegraph

It still hurts to be rejected. And that’s good. None of us want to be soulless cyborgs with muted…

Log Line

A London ad agency, ‘the Crouching Tigers’, is in Covid-induced lock down. In dire straights, they have one last throw of the dice to save themselves. Led by a narcissistic CEO, the isolated and inept pitch team has to collaborate over Zoom to prepare and present its ideas to a ball busting client, the founder of Lady Lucks Casino.

Scene 1 — The night before — The Covid-19 isolated pitch team from ‘The Crouching Tigers’ Ad agency dial into a last-minute pre-pitch Zoom call

Scene 2 — The tissue meeting — The Crouching Tigers video conference with the…

As graduates mull their future options, is a marketing or advertising career still a desirable path to follow?

Finishing a University degree is a tense and stressful period in any young person’s life. A melting pot of final exams, the pressure of choosing a career path then finding your first job with a prize at the end that you have to start paying back the exorbitant tuition fees that allowed you to enjoy higher education in the first place. This year, things are even tougher with the uncertainty of whether students will be able to collect a degree at all.

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I'm a UK based Marketing Director specialising in brand, customer acquisition, PR and copy. I write regular features for Marketing Week and Campaign.

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