Two metres, they said — It’s not a long way

But a gap big enough to keep Covid at bay.

In Britain we’ve taken that gap in our stride

In shops we wait patiently, on pavements veer wide.

Isolation is trying and jobs are at stake

For those scraping by, it’s a bloody tough break

But exclude we must if the curve is to flatten

Ignore medical advice, then god knows what might happen.

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Two weeks of isolation, and we’re in a new normal

We queue with good spacing, all ordered and formal

But then a new threat joined in the fun.

We hit the weekend, and out came the sun.

With blue skies aplenty and inclement weather

All mindfulness evaporated, which wasn’t so clever

Like irrational lemmings we bolted outside

And cos it’s like June, brought our friends for the ride.

Despite heavy warnings and more deaths every day

Folk got together in the sunshine to play

Laughter and drinking and kisses and hugs

Which would be just fine — without the viral superbug.

What could be the reason? Is everyone suicidal?

Or just blinkered by summer’s early arrival?

Whatever the cause, it’s pretty dumb

To risk people’s lives for some fun in the sun.

From picnics to piss ups across the whole land

The parks overflowing, Corona be damned

It’s odd when at stake is the sum of all fears

One burst of nice weather, all sense disappears.

For Doctors and Nurses who are grafting for you

Just stay indoors, only leave if you have to.

You can stay two metres apart without even trying

A little distance doesn’t hurt — and it’s more fun than dying.

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