A piglet wandered down a path

Bumped into a cow and both of them laughed

They chatted away as only animals do

Piglet said ‘OINK’ and the Cow went ‘MOO’

Piglet and Cow lolloped along

Occasionally bursting into song

Then a flutter of wings and in an Owl flew

“Good day” said he — in his words, ‘TWIT TWOO’

The three of them ambled into the woods

Owl was flying — piglet would if he could

Cow took the lead as the biggest one there

But then came a BELLOW as he trod on a Bear

Then there were four as they entered a gully

Bear was quite slow, but they weren’t in a hurry

On the horizon Owl spotted a lake

Bear jumped in the air at the HISS of a Snake

Snake was a charmer, as many are

He slithered majestically saying ‘zee lake, ees no far’

They perched on a log, water stretching for miles

But the log gave a GRRRR — it was a Crocodile!

Croc was quite happy to float them across

He’d slept for ages and was covered in moss

Lunch on an island, the sun overhead

They were joined by a rabbit — ‘NIBBLE NIBBLE’ he said.

And now there were six on Croc’s mossy scales

Rowing with sticks, Cow steered with his tail

A waterfall loomed but Owl guided them well

To a Skunk on a rock — ‘PFFT’ — no one mentioned the smell…

From the dunes through a glade and then to a plain

Apart from some bushes it all looked the same

Then came a ‘PARP’ followed by thumps

An elephant was jostling with a thorn in her rump

Between Rabbit and Owl, they removed the stuck twig

Elephant said it was huge (but it wasn’t that big)

She found them a cave where they rested the night

But woke up to a SQUEEK when a Bat gave them a fright

After breakfast they left, Bat and Owl to the skies

With Cow at the back, Croc and Elephant to the sides

Piglet’s trotters were small and getting quite sore

But he was quickly distracted by a Lion’s great ROAR!

Lion, as it happened, was a marvellous chap

And didn’t eat anyone — just took several naps

As the day turned to dusk on their lengthy roam

Piglet OINKED meekly ‘it might be time to head home’

They dropped off their friends with a wave and a smile

Saying they’d return, if not for a while

So back they trundled, this motley crew

And said their goodbyes — OINK, MOO and TWIT TWOO

I'm a UK based Marketing Director specialising in brand, customer acquisition, PR and copy. I write regular features for Marketing Week and Campaign.

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